Focus: Employment, Education and Tourism


Employment - to create employment for qualified and graduating film industry workers on the Queensland Sunshine Coast through the development, procurement and production of quality film and television projects.

Education - to work with relevant education institutions to further develop meaningful education modules and facilities, with the corporation providing real work experience for students and graduates on real film sets, working with actors, directors, writers, crews etc.

Tourism - to continually promote the Sunshine Coast Region as an amazing tourist destination through locations, international events (such as annual International Film Festival) utilising a unique modern, integrated marketing strategy.

Through: Sustainability, Infrastructure, Projects, Networking and Funding



Sustainability - create a sustainable local film industry, through creation, development and production of quality film products within a cleverly crafted financial model that aims to eliminate investor financial exposure.

Infrastructure - the establishment of a financially stable, well-supported, film industry infrastructure including the SCFC itself.

Sound Project Development - utilising a team of film industry experts to source and create quality product within a sound budget format.

Funding - Establishment of the Sunshine Coast Film Development Fund to provide ongoing funding for local film projects.

Strategic Marketing - to ensure success of all corporation initiatives and film projects. The Noosa International Film Festival (Asia/Pacific)is an intricate part of that Strategy.

International Connectivity - Taking the Sunshine Coast Film Industry and the local tourism story to the rest of the world through presentation of film projects featuring the local area, and utilisation of the SCFC's strategic marketing plan.

Industry SupportEverything you need is right here:

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The Basic'sThe SCFC is not trying to re-invent the wheel.

The SCFC is simply trying to create a parochial approach to film Making in the Sunshine coast area. There is more than enough information available nationally in support of the Film Industry well lead from the front by Screen Australia. Our goal is to help Film Makers and Personnel alike:.

Contact Us We want to hear from any vested interests

Networking in the Film Industry (or any industry for that matter) is absolutely paramount. let us know who you are and what you are trying to achieve in the Film Industry and we will do our utmost to connect you and help you.

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