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The SCFC already has strong support in the Film Indstry. These are people who see a need for a structured change in the industry.

CHARLIE GARDENER – Chairman Charlie is a well-known local entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in film production, internet and database design and marketing, ideas development and implementation, and people leadership. He is passionate about bringing the film industry to The Sunshine Coast and helping budding film makers to achieve their goals.

LORRAINE MARSHALL – FESTIVAL MARKETING / PARTNERSHIPS / CREATIVE Lorraine has an extensive background in Marketing, PR, Publicity, Events Management and Business Consultation. She has a background in media and marketing, and has a wide range of creative and art skills. She also has a sound history of producing and presenting sponsorship campaigns for support of various events and programs. Lorraine is a nationally accredited trainer, has experience in HR & Recruitment, and is an accomplished public speaker. Lorraine will coordinate all Marketing, Publicity for the Noosa International Film Festival, work with Charlie on partnerships acquisitions and oversee all creative for same.

DAVID GRANATO – DIRECTOR David is an accomplished film director and scriptwriter, having worked on all manner of film from music videos to full-length feature films. His experience in working with actors, film crews, writers and producers makes him an ideal candidate to assist in the development of a woking base of film projects on the Sunshine Coast.

Film Projects and Sunshine Coast Film Development Fund

The SCFC has 5 local film projects and 2 documentaries in development. The Feature film 'Hammer' will soon be fully funded. The mission for the SCFC is to bring these projects to willing investors.

Projects - The SCFC is currently in negotiations with Producers and Directors in Australia and Overseas on these projects. Baldwin Films have confirmed that they have two projects they will be brining to the Sunshine Coast to Produce. Danny Baldwin has also confirmed that he is involved with Production Companies in India that have expressed interest in producing movies on the Sunshine Coast. The SCFC in conjunction with Baldwin Films is in the process of finalising those arrangements.

Sunshine Coast Film Development Fund (SCFDF) - The SCFC has developed an initiative to obtain a Film Fund of $40 Million Dollars AUD to be invested into local Film & Television Projects. The fund will also provide important infrastructure funding and much needed development funding. The business model around the raise and also the investment process has been well thought out and designed to protect the investment. The business model surrounding the use of those funds is unique and follows some practises currently being used by the Film Industry but will also include other ideas from current successful industries outside of the Film Industry. The SCFC seeks input from any individuals or commercial enterprises that wish to submit their own ideas about this initiative.

Industry SupportEverything you need is right here:

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The Basic'sThe SCFC is not trying to re-invent the wheel.

The SCFC is simply trying to create a parochial approach to film Making in the Sunshine coast area. There is more than enough information available nationally in support of the Film Industry well lead from the front by Screen Australia. Our goal is to help Film Makers and Personnel alike:.

Contact Us We want to hear from any vested interests

Networking in the Film Industry (or any industry for that matter) is absolutely paramount. let us know who you are and what you are trying to achieve in the Film Industry and we will do our utmost to connect you and help you.

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